Sherpa & Company’s first brand distribution agreement with Kimatsu Corporation after a decade long journey of running a transport and export business, where we had held about 20fleets of lorries operating in Khasa route, we shifted to distribution of large home appliances and now we are delighted to bring a upper-mid section range of large home appliances choice to the Nepalese market. I am sure we will gain market as it is perfectly high tech yet keeping in mind it’s affordability to everyone. We head to become a multi brand company specializing in large home appliances and corporate supplies currently, but we are creating a basket of brands for new sectors like AI and smart homes.

Message from Director

Company Overview

“Kimatsu” is a Korean Indian joint venture between Pentagon Industries and Kimatsu. Kimatsu brand‘s exclusive distributorship is held by Sherpa & Co. and has started its distribution and after-sales networks all over Nepal.

“Kima” means Karma in korean and “tsu” means First.

Which speaks the value proposition of the company as a whole i.e. duty comes first.